Whether you are a host or a guest, this selection is sure to add a romantic blush to your table this summer.

1- Carême vanilla bean sweet shortcrust pastry: Flaky, light and golden, the Careme pre-rolled pastries (shortcrust, chocolate or puff) from the Barossa Valley are handmade with real butter and locally milled flour. Unless you are going to roll up your own sleeves, it doesn’t get much better than that! Go fruity with this blueberry tart or completely decadent with a chocolate & caramel tart.

2- Herbie’s Spices beetroot powder: this striking magenta powder is best used as a natural substitute for red food coloring. Its mild flavor doesn’t clash with other foods and adds a vibrant hue to Indian (Tandoori or butter chicken), Chinese sweet and sour dishes or home-made pasta. If you would rather indulge your sweet tooth, try substituting the food coloring with beetroot powder in this red velvet cake recipe.

3- Fresh As freeze dried strawberry slices: The Freeze drying process keeps the shape, color and most importantly flavor of the ingredient intact. These strawberry slices are intensely flavored and are delicious sprinkled over ice-cream and dessert, dipped into chocolate or simply as they are. Try them in this Strawberry and cream melting moments recipe or this gluten free strawberry granola.

4- Herbie’s Spices pink peppercorn: The fruit of the “Pepper tree”, native of South America, is slightly sweet and milder than its black counterpart, making it ideal for pates, terrines, salads and a variety of sauces. Try it with this light swordfish carpaccio with pink grapefruit and pink peppercorn or a heartier pheasant and ham hock terrine.

5- T2 Black Rose loose leaf tea: “A bright and wonderfully bold fruity infusion of flavours. Keemun provides a floral orchid base on which tropical mango and papaya play with juicy currants. Silky smooth with a decadent velvety finish filled with blooming roses. A beautiful brew that continues to blossom in the cup and makes a sweet summer refresher when served iced with orange and lemon slices.”

6- Zero Japan pink ceramic tea pot: These adorable individual tea pots are available in a variety of colors and finishes. An integrated tea strainer makes it easier than ever to enjoy loose leaf tea.

7- TEI Himalayan salt brick: A striking way to present and even cook your food, these salt bricks are harvested from the depth of the Himalayas. Imparting a subtle saltiness to moist foods, they create a memorable way to present sushi and sashimi, intricate salads and when heated (following instructions) make a unique way to cook wagyu beef or fish directly at the table. Learn more here.

8- Fresh As freeze dried mango and raspberry powder: In powder form, freeze dried fruit can be added to smoothies, cake icings, panna cotta or brulee mix. Try this recipe for Raspberry and Pink Peppercorn macarons for a sweet and just a little bit hot combination. (Oh and don’t forget to switch the red coloring for beetroot powder!)

9- Pariya Pashmak Rose persian fairy floss: Available in several tempting flavors, this is the fairy floss parents won’t want to share with their little ones. These handmade yarns of sugar strands are as fine as silk and delicately melt in your mouth. They are traditionally served with black tea and can be added to a variety of dessert recipes. Try it in these little summer meringues, this Raspberry jelly with rose-scented yoghurt or this turkish delight souffle recipe.

10- Maison Fossier Raspberry Macarons: Macarons are all the rage these days but they are not as easy to make as they are to eat. If you would rather enjoy them than slave over the cooktops, these bite sized raspberry macarons might well do the trick. Enjoy them with a nice cup of tea.

11- Reserve Gourmande Violet, Rose and Raspberry syrup: If you thought cordial was for kids only, then think again. These delicate syrups are made following traditional methods with cane sugar, fruit juice, infused with flowers and natural flavors. Add it to a bubbly, drizzle it over a fruit salad or an ice-cream dessert for a little extra touch of summer.

12- My Drap cotton table dressings: Available in lots of colors, patterns and sizes (from cocktail napkins to table runners), and reusable up to five times, these disposable cotton table dressings will brighten up any occasion on a whim.