CHRISTMAS_COOKINGWith just over a week until Christmas, I have started thinking seriously about what I would be cooking. Come to think of it, it will be the very first time I will be hosting Christmas. It will only be a small one but the thought of it is exciting.

The other thing that gets my mind racing is celebrating Christmas in summer. What a strange feeling for a Frenchie but I do reassure myself with the fact that Australians seem to be as confused as I am with the seasons: plum pudding doesn’t exactly scream of heat waves now, does it?

I have asked foodie friends to share their Christmas menus with me to get the inspiration flowing. Here are a few to get us going…

Rosa is a friend of mine who lives in Nice, France. She is an insanely talented cook and teaches traditional regional cuisine with a modern touch. Here is her menu,

  • Foie gras on brioche toasts with mango chutney
  • Jerusalem artichoke soup with truffle oil
  • Poached and roasted capon with chestnut stuffing (use the bouillon from poaching the capon to make the soup)
  • Sautéed brussels sprouts with parmesan
  • Roast potatoes
  • Carrots glazed with acacia honey
  • Christmas pudding flamed with rum
  • Prosecco or champagne

Marie, my mother-in-law, tends to follow the traditional English menu, with some variations depending on the weather. In Albury, where my husband’s family is from, Christmas time can be incredibly hot but nevertheless, some things can be going amiss…

Our Christmas menu will be quite traditional, as usual. However it often depends on the weather – extremely hot days lend themselves to oysters on ice, cold turkey, ham, pork and salads, but we can never give up the steamed plum pudding served with brandy sauce and a scoop of ice cream. 

We sometimes set the table in the gqrden, surrounded by night lights and enjoy the cool of the evening – no beaches, we are too far inland. It can be quite a magical setting – beautiful trees reaching to the moonlit sky, an occasional bird cry, cool grass underfoot, Christmas music playing in the background, being with family and friends.

Jacinta is a talented cook who likes to combine traditional elements with a little bit of experimentation. Oh and she wouldn’t pass an occasion to have a sip of a Rutherglen fortified wine!

  • figs and goats cheese, wrapped in pancetta
  • Citrus cured salmon gravlax with wasabi mayonnaise and green olive lime tapenade.
  • entree: peking duck
  • main: rolled pork roast with spinach and pine nut stuffing, and crackling
  • traditional roast turkey
  • new baby potatoes and dill salad
  • apple, craisin and blue cheese salad
  • glazed baby carrots
  • roast beetroot and green salad
  • desert: plum pudding, brandy sauce and rutherglen muscat
  • rum balls and coffee

Have you thought about what you will be cooking? Are you a roast or a seafood person? Christmas cake or pavlova? I would love to know what you will be cooking. Please share your Christmas menu with us and let the inspiration flow…