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For some, Australia Day is synonym of footy, for others, it’s the TripleJ’s Hottest 100. Either way, there is usually a barbecue involved, so whether you like it smokey, hot, crunchy or smooth, this selection covers all the bases for Australian’s hottest long week-end.

1 & 5 – Onion jam is a must with any grilling extravaganza and is delicious with cheeses, meats, pates or fish. Why not try removing a roast leg of lamb from the oven about 10 minutes early, spreading it with onion jam and returning to the oven for 10 minutes. Lip smacking good! The Essential Ingredient Newcastle has a good selection to choose from.

2 & 13 – When in doubt, go for Herbie’s Spices. No matter what you’re cooking, they have the right spice mix for the occasion. The Native BBQ Spice Mix brings an Aussie flavour with ingredients like akudjura, wattleseed and mountain pepperleaf. The Crusting Mix contains coriander seed, paprika, brown mustard seed, sumac, ginger and other spices which will give a rich warm flavour to red meats, while the Pepper Steak Seasoning guarantees a hot flavour hit.

3 – The Lotus Grill is compact and light, easily transported anywhere you like. Easy and quick to use make it an ideal companion to bring along to any kind of outdoor lunch: simply outside at home, at the beach, camping, on a boat, you name it…

4 – The food loop is a fun accessory for those who are bored of the simple twine. Highly heat resistant, the food loop can be used in a pan, on the stove top, in the oven, microwave and in the freezer. These colorful silicon loops will have a roll, chicken or fish trussed in no time!

6 – The River Cottage Meat Book is an exhaustive look at this most prized ingredient. This book takes a look at where meat comes from, how to source the best quality, how to spend money wisely and always get the best on your grill, in the oven, in the pan and ultimately, on your plate.

7 – No one works a grill like the Yankees! McClure’s Bloody Mary Mixer and their amazing looking pickles ail from Brooklyn, USA and are sure to add that American juicy crunch to your next barbecue.

8 & 9 – The TEI range of disposable tableware and looped skewers made from bamboo offers a more sustainable alternative to plastic cutlery. They also look and feel nicer, and are much lighter than bringing cutlery from home.

10 – These hickory wood pellets, sourced from the USA provide a clean burning and consistent smoke flavour to all your smoked goods: chicken, fish, small goods… The pellets produce intense smoke that seals food, locks in moisture and adds a natural smoky flavour.

11 – Liquid Smoke with Hickory Barbecue Flavour is added to meats on the barbecue, giving them that distinctive smoky flavour without the smoke.

12 – Make professional looking hamburgers with this heavy cast iron Davis & Waddell burger press.

14 – The colorful range of Scanpan knives is great to take along for outdoor eating. The knives all come with a cover, keeping your fingers safe from the sharp high carbon stainless steel blades.

15 – The Glass Eye Creek Wild Meat Sauce comes all the way from New Zealand. Inspired by whiskey, a week-end amongst mates and the famous wild meats of the west coast of NZ, this sauce is great with just about any meat, drizzled over your best cuts, used as a marinade or added to a casserole or gravy.