How big is your love? From a simple gesture to an extravagant present, there are countless ways of demonstrating our feelings to that very special person in our lives.

In this guide, we start small with little mouthfuls of love… from a dark chocolate covered coffee bean to delicately scented moisturiser.

Then, we move onto a survey of some of the best books in our library for gifts that just keep on giving, with encyclopedic and specialists recipe books, as well as books which combine culinary journeys to exotic destinations with the authors’ favourite local recipes.

Finally, if you’re in the mood to bring out the big guns this year, then our guide to some of the best quality and most exquisite additions to a well-stocked kitchen might inspire you to go that little step further… and last a lifetime! MOTHERS_DAY_GIFT_GUIDEThe sweetest gifts come in small boxes…

1, Dark or milk chocolate fondue. 2, TEI Pure Ceylon Black Tea. 3, Morris Kitchen syrups. 4, TEI Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean. 5, Nicholson Fine Food Essence of Raspberry Passion. 6, Unforgettable Meringues. 7,  Beatties Bluettes Blue Cheese Biscuits. 8, Amour de Cerise. 9, Alice Langton’s Chocolate Grand Orange. 10, Reserve Gourmande Rose Syrup. 11, Pariyah Persian Nougat and Lime Roasted Pistachios. 12, Vicens Ametlla. 13, Horto Botanico soaps. 14, Olivina Olive Hand Cream and Honeysuckle and Rose Hand Cream. 15, Paddy Wax Candles and oil scenter. 

BOOK_GUIDE_CHEFS Great, Grand & Famous Chefs and Their Signature Dishes: The stories of 20 of the world’s greatest chefs and their place in the history of haute cuisine, accompanied by a signature dish recipe for each chef.BOOK_GUIDE_ESCOFFIER Escoffier, Le Guide Culinaire: The culinary bible that first codified French cuisine—now in an updated English translation with Forewords from Chefs Heston Blumenthal and Tim Ryan.BOOK_GUIDE_FAMILY_MEAL The Family Meal, Home Cooking with Ferran Adria: It features nearly 100 delicious recipes by Ferran Adria that anyone can prepare, inspired by the dishes eaten every day by the staff at his legendary restaurant El Bulli, awarded World’s Best Restaurant five times.BOOK_GUIDE_TERRINE Terrine by Stephane Raynaud: A gorgeous collection of over 100 rustic recipes of vegetable, meat, fish, cheese and dessert terrines (including variations of rilletes, pâtés and parfaits) that can be easily prepared and shared with appreciative friends and family.BOOK_GUIDE_SAUCES Modern Sauces by Martha Holmberg: This is the book for cooks who want to take their cooking to a whole new level. Martha’s look at this sometimes-intimidating genre—expressed in clear, short bites of information and through dozens of process photographs—delivers the skill of great sauce-making to every kind of cook, from beginners to those more accomplished who wish to expand their repertoire.BOOK_GUIDE_FISH Fish, Recipes from the Sea: Over 200 authentic Italian home cooking recipes for preparing fish and seafood, carefully collected from the Silver Spoon kitchen.BOOK_GUIDE_PASTAPasta by The Silver Spoon : this is the ultimate book on pasta, featuring 350 classic and modern recipes from the same team behind the Italian classic, The Silver Spoon.
BOOK_GUIDE_SALT The Salt book, your guide to salting wisely and well, with recipesThe Salt Book explains why we should use salt and which salt to use, as well as how and when to use salt. It also looks at trends in salt today, provides facts about salt, explains salting techniques, includes chefs stories about salt and includes a guide to using salt at the table.BOOK_GUIDE_ORIGIN Origin, The Food of Ben Shewry: Ben Shewry, from multi-award winning Melbourne restaurant, Attica, is one of Australia’s most significant chefs. He draws inspiration for his exquisite dishes from his surroundings and pivotal moments and experiences in his life. Known for his foraging, Ben uses what the earth provides without exploiting its precious resources, and the artisan producers he champions are an important part of his food. The detailed recipes in this book include his famous “Snow crab” and “Potato cooked in the earth it was grown.” Origin is Ben’s unique and extraordinary account of food, memory, time, and place.BOOK_GUIDE_BAKING Mark Hix on Baking, Savoury and Sweet Recipes: Baking often conjures up images of scones and sponges, afternoon tea and fancy patisserie, but these sweet treats (delightful as they are) are only part of the story. In this exciting new book, Mark Hix applies his characteristic flair to a range of sweet and savoury recipes that reflects his own unique interpretation of baking.BOOK_GUIDE_MOROCCO Morocco, a Culinary Journey with Recipes: With a wide range of exotic flavors and cooking styles, Morocco includes 80 recipes with Spanish influences, rustic Berber styles, complex, palace-worthy plates, spicy tagines, and surprisingly easy to make street food.BOOK_GUIDE_SARABANSaraban, a chef’s journey through Persia, by Greg and Lucy Malouf: Take a journey through the culture and cuisine of Persia with exquisite recipes and stunning photographs. With an enticing blend of food and travel, Saraban offers a rare glimpse into a fascinating country that remains elusive and enigmatic to the Western world.

MOTHERS_DAY_GIFT_GUIDE_BIGBring out the big guns with these gifts that will last a lifetime…

1, Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. 2, Shun Knife Block Set. 3, Vista Alegre Porcelain Rocco Coffee Cup and saucer. 4, Vista Alegre Harvard Salad Bowl. 5, Vista Alegre Tea Cup and Saucer. 6, Le Creuset Cast Iron Casserole. 7, Magimix Food Processor. 8, The Essential Ingredient Sheffield Cutlery. 9, Otto Espresso Machine. 10, Magimix Vision Toaster. 11, De Buyer Copper Eggwhite Bowl. 12, Kitchenaid Blender. 

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