chanterelleMushrooms add flavour, texture, richness and even a sort of meatiness to any meal and rarely better than in a risotto, especially in the cold months!

Besides the ordinary button mushroom, here in Australia, we are lucky to have access to some good Asian varieties, even at the supermarket, however, as far as the complex and diverse European varieties are concerned, we have to contend with the dried version, not that there is anything wrong with that by the way!

Dried mushrooms do have the advantage of keeping very well and rehydrating them couldn’t be simpler: just soak in hot water for at least half an hour and even overnight to achieve the right texture.

The Essential Ingredient’s range of dried mushrooms is sourced from a producer based in the historic town of Sauges in central France and includes a Garniture forestiere (a blend of forest mushrooms), Bolet Jaune, Chanterelles, Morels, sliced or whole Shitake, Trompette des Maures and Porcini powder.

Come and find these products on our shelves or you can shop online.

Garniture Forestiere – A blend of dried forest mushrooms with shitake, oyster, black fungus and porcini mushrooms, a favourite with homecooks and chefs.

Bolet Jaune – When cooked, this mushroom is fairly soft and ideal in creamy mushroom soups.

Chanterelles – An orange or yellow mushroom, meaty and funnel-shaped, it has a fruity smell and a mildly peppery taste. It’s beautiful colour makes it a striking addition on a plate.

Morels – One of the few truly wild mushrooms, they have a light woodsy flavor and wonderful firm yet spongy texture. They are at their finest when cooked quickly in butter and lightly salted.

Shitake – Shitakes can stand up to strong flavors, and are particularly good with ginger, soy, and even chiles.

Trompette des Maures – Also known as ‘black chanterelle’, ‘horn of plenty’ and the sinister ‘trompette de la mort’, this deep black woodland mushroom is horn-like in shape. It is richly flavoured, with a hint of nuttiness, and is perfect with creamy sauces.

Porcini powder – Porcini Powder, ground from quality French dried porcini mushrooms imported, adds a sophisticated flavour and richness to many dishes, whether incorporated into a liquid, combined with pastry or dusted over a finished dish.

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